Digging a hole by the barn for the concret holding tank.    The concrete tank down in the hole.

Digging up by the barn to place the concrete holding tank (right).

Another view of the concrete tank in the ground.    The trench leading from the barn toward the spring.

Another photo of the holding tank by the barn and the trench leading out toward the spring.  The second photo shows a view of the trench from the spring looking up towards the barn.

A view of the spring and the second concrete holding tank in the ground below the spring head.   The new fencing being installed to protect the pond and spring for the animals.

The photo on the left shows the spring and a corner of the concrete tank down there.  The photo on the right shows the beginning of the fencing that runs around the pond, Lilly is in the background.

More of the new fencing around the pond.    The new automatic waterer for the front and pond fields.

The photo on the left shows more of the fencing and on the right you can see the new automatic waterer that serves the front and pond fields.

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