Top portion of the side image showing a smiling rider on Petey, a black and white Paint horse.


Bottom portion of the side image showing a smileing rider on Petey, a black and white Paint horse.

Leslie strongly believes that the foundation to a solid relationship with any horse is built upon clear communication, mutual respect and trust.  Her goal is to provide the training horses with a solid foundation that will stay with them, independent of discipline-specific training.  There are three basic rules that she follows:  she can't get hurt, the horse can't get hurt and the horse must be calmer at the end of the lesson.

Putting training on a horse serves no purpose if the owner has no idea what's been done.  Before a horse comes to Leslie, the owner must agree to come out and work with the horse for a couple of days at the end of the session, to understand how the horse has been trained.  By doing this, the owner learns the exercises the horse has learned, and tools to help correct problems that may surface.  The owner will then have the skills to continue the training with the horse. 

Leslie offers the following training services:

  • One time training sessions
  • Starting an unbroke (allow 2 days)
  • Trailer Loading
  • Monthly Training (4 weeks)
  • Training Tune-up (2 weeks)
  • Ground Manners (2 weeks)
  • Lessons
  • Clinics

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