Dave sitting on a large hay roll.  Dave riding the 4-wheeler in the field.

This is Dave. On the left he's surveying all that is his, and on the right he's cruising around on the 4 wheeler!

Pixie and me, first day.  Pixie in her favorite "Jaws" mode. Flyball Pixie.

This is Pixie, she joined the family at 4 months old in June of 2011. She has grown into a wonderful dog!


Robin and her toy.  Robin, the footbal player. Beach Robin.

Meet Robin, she joined the family at 4 months old in September of 2014. She is not a listener but is working hard to be an obedient dog!

These faces.  Dogs and Sunflowers. Therapy dogs.

The girls, certifed therapy dogs, looking cute and bringing happiness to everyone they meet!


Bernice and Wally joined us in December of 2012.  Pixie loves them and they love her...most of the time!

Uschi standing tied.     Uschi, head shot.

Uschi is a guest horse who joined our herd in September of 2011. She belongs to Roberto and Particia, we are glad to have them all here!

Chloe in the snow.     Koa, hanging out.

Chloe and Kekoa are guest horses who joined our herd. They belong to Lisa and Susanne, we are glad they're all here!

Luca in Spring.    

Luca is another guest horse who rounds out our herd. He belongs to Cory and both are happy additions to our farm!

Petey and Leslie happily cantering along.

Petey is the farm clown, always good for a laugh. He's a funny, Paint gelding.


Curly doing a Dressage test during Summer Camp.  

Sweet photo of Greta putting her head down so Carlie can reach up and pet her nose.

This is Curly and Greta. They are Percheron crosses (half brother and sister) I took through a year long Certification Program.  Sadly, we lost Curly in September 2021, it was a difficult decision. Greta now belongs to Talia Czapski and is very loved and pampered.



Jerry first fancy haircut.   

This is Jerry, the newest addition to the herd. He's a Fjord gelding and he is wonderful.

       Swaps jumping the bench at Commonwealth Park.   Swaps hanging with me at a Frying Pan Park Horse Trial.

This is Swaps with me aboard competing at Commonwealth Park and the two of us hanging out at Frying Pan Park. He was a once in a lifetime horse and I was lucky to spend 31+ years with him. There's not a day that goes by where I don't miss him.


Kiah relaxed in the barn.   Kiah at an Inspection at Silverwood Farm.

These two photos are of Indian Art (Kiah).  Kiah wasn't with us for very long but she holds a very  special place in our hearts. 

Farley holding a tennis ball  Farley lying in the grass.

This is Farley.  He was our very special friend and was with us for 13 beautiful years. He is greatly missed but lives on in our memories.


Dave's cow Pinhead.   Dave and Pinhead.

This is Pinhead, we called her the luckiest cow in Loudoun County...we were lucky to have her.



This is Anjuli, she was a kind, lovely girl who came to live with us in 2001.

Elmo Magillicutty sitting in a tree.

This is Elmo and Magillicutty (Magee). We adopted Elmo in the summer of 1997, just after we moved in, and Magee joined us in October of the same year.  They were such great cats, we miss them both!


Faffie and Patricia.  Profile shot of Travis, a 25 year old bay TB gelding.  

This is Faffie and Travis, both lovely gentlemen who lived to the ripe old ages of 38 and 29, respectively. They are both missed.


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